Secure and encrypt e-mails

So, how can you send e-mails securely?
The FIPS 140-2 validated totemomail product family meets all of today’s security and compliance demands, helping firms to strictly observe security policies, as well as monitor them comprehensively for audits. It is also optimized for mobile devices.

The solution is easy to use,
extremely secure and
efficient as a result.

Key facts

  • Provides security and confidentiality for all e-mails and attachments

  • Uses S/MIME, OpenPGP and TLS encryption standards

  • Can be used for partners without e-mail encryption tools

  • No need to install dedicated e-mail clients or plug-ins

  • Automated and centralized certificate and key management

  • Easy administration is provided by a clear graphical interface.


  • Easily communicate in encrypted forms with internal and external partners

  • Intuitive interface no need to learn new software

  • Existing work processes remain unaffected

  • Improved productivity and cost-effectiveness due to automation

  • Consistent observance of security policies and compliance standards

  • Investment protection and strategic freedom through numerous standard interfacesn


  • Available on-premise, as a managed service and in the cloud

  • Implementation as software, virtual or software appliance

  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Solaris

  • Easy integration into existing system architecture

  • Use of standards ensures forward compatibility

  • Internationally patented and validated against NIST standards
    (FIPS 140-2)

Secure messaging solution

it is becoming increasingly important for most companies to use a reliable secure messaging solution that protects sensitive information. FIPS 140-2-validated totemomail Encryption Gateway is optimized for mobile devices and helps strictly observe security policies as well as monitor them comprehensively for internal and external audits.

totemomail Encryption Gateway pursues a consistent all-in-one approach for encryption. It protects confidential e-mail communication with any given external partner. Encrypted transmission of all e-mails including delivery confirmation, sender identification, guaranteed message integrity as well as message non-repudiation are the automated core functionalities of the solution.

Totemomail Encryption easily and quickly integrated

Totemomail Encryption Gateway is completely transparent, requires neither additional e-mail clients nor plug-ins and is therefore easily and quickly integrated into any existing environment. The sender and the recipient do not need to adapt their work processes since the company security policies are centrally defined and applied. Furthermore, the solution is fully compatible with a number of third-party systems and is provided by a clear graphical interface.

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