eIDAS certified QES with integrated PKI –
Powered by Cryptomathic and Nexus.

Delivered by ESYSCO

Digital signatures to save costs and make processes smoother

Corporate and public institutions are facing the challenge to digitalize and accelerate their business process to ensure their future existence and growth within the market of operation. This also applies to the process of handling document signatures in any B2B or B2C relationship.

Qualified electronic signatures (QES) can replace paper-based processes while providing juridically valid evidence in high-value business processes and legal transactions. This can lead to significantly smoother processes – for example document and transaction approvals or contracting with consumers or B2B parties – and to environment-friendly paperless implementation.

Secure and scalable solution for  eIDAS compliant Qualified Electronic Signatures

The QES solution from Cryptomathic and Nexus helps to implement secure digital signatures, while saving IT costs and maintenance by avoiding client signing software and physical smart cards. This end-to-end solution provides a simple and cost-efficient remote signing service with user-friendly processes for signing documents or transactions.

All the necessary services are implemented in the cloud or in the central IT of the organization. Accountability and non-repudiation is provided by means of strong security mechanisms. Users have sole control on their signature by means of strong two-factor authentication (2FA) and rely on the principle “what you see is what you sign” (WYSIWYS). The QES solution is compliant with the European Signature Regulation, eIDAS.

How the solution works

The complete solution integrates Cryptomathic and Nexus products to provide a comprehensive remote signing solution to our clients.

The client’s signing application integrates only with the Cryptomathic software. Whenever activating a user signature, Cryptomathic Signer connects to Nexus Certificate Manager to generate a one-time signing key and certificate for the user and to add timestamp and OCSP response to the QES for the sake of long-time validation. The integration between Cryptomathic and Nexus is transparent to the clients’ signing application.

  • Offer the complete digital customer journey with legally binding consent through eIDAS Compliant Remote Qualified Electronic Signatures

  • Protect sensitive transactions with authenticity, integrity, and nonrepudiation capabilities

  • Improve the user experience by simplifying the signing process for documents and transactions

  • Reduce initial and operational costs in contract or transaction signing with no need for additional hardware — simply use the existing 2FA mechanisms to let users sign

  • Demonstrate non-repudiation with WYSIWYS functionality

  • Go green with an environmentally friendly solution that allows end users to electronically sign banking documents and reduce paper consumption for all parties

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