MyID Professional is an easy to use identity management software solution for companies and organizations


Organisations need to protect themselves against reputational damage, fines and threats to business continuity caused by a potential data breach.

The most effective way to protect against the vast number of attacks is to replace passwords with two-factor authentication, combining ‘something I have,’ such as a smart card or smartphone with a second factor such as a PIN or fingerprint.

The strongest form of two-factor authentication is a digital identity comprising a PKI certificate issued to a secure device, enabling organisations to be sure that users accessing systems, networks and sensitive data really are who they claim to be.

Systems administrators

System administrators use MyID to configure their certificate and device issuance policies, ensuring the right people receive the right digital identities. Build to integrate with infrastructure such as certificate authorities, directories, identity management solutions and mobile device management systems (MDMs), MyID minimises any impact on the existing environment reducing deployment times and operational costs.


For operators, MyID provides all the functions needed to issue credentials and manage their lifecycle. Supporting face to face, centralised and self-service issuance, MyID enables devices to be deployed quickly and in high volumes. Where users need assistance, e.g. to issue a replacement device upon loss, or to re-enable a locked device, MyID provides help-desk operators with simple process-driven features to ensure continuity of service without impacting security.

End users

End users can perform tasks at their own desktop via a simple self-service application. The application is designed to walk users through processes in simple intuitive steps, it effectively reduces operational costs and the need for end user training.

MyID provides full audit and reporting capabilities allowing visibility of who issued which digital identities to which users and on what device, ensuring organisations remain in control of who can access their systems and enabling them to demonstrate compliance with best practice security standards.

Simple to use for IT teams

Operators are guided through processes
such as issuing or revoking credentials, meaning
operators don’t get involved in the complexities
of manual key management and PKI.

Unrivalled integration flexibility

MyID is vendor independent and integrates
with leading mobile device managers (MDMs),
Hardware Security Modules
(HSMs), and Certificate Authorities (CAs).

Highly configurable

MyID helps to meet the demands
of small deployments with >500 users, right
up to national identity schemes
spanning the millions.

Simple to use for end users

MyID provides a simple to use
interface for your employees
with an outstanding user self-service portal.


MyID benefits from an ongoing roadmap
of continuous improvement, ensuring
MyID is the most feature-rich, flexible credential
management solution available in the market.

Proven solution

MyID manages millions of secure digital
identities. Issuing, revoking, replacing and
re-issuing digital identities to employees
for enterprise deployments of 500 to
millions of citizens for national ID schemes.

MyID Enterprise

MyID Enterprise delivers the integration, flexibility and scalability
necessary for governments and enterprises to run two-factor
authentication and national identity schemes for thousands
of employees through to millions of citizens.

MyID Enterprise offers unrivalled end device management across
smart cards, USB tokens, mobile, and virtual smart card technology.

The system offers seamless integration into Microsoft environments
and delivers best practice, simplified credential management
with predefined business processes. For management of smart
card and USB tokens with PKI certificates.


Secure citizen digital identity
for Kuwait’s National
Identity Scheme

The Public Authority for Civil Information – Kuwait (PACI) is the government agency responsible for maintaining all information on population and civil event registration (e.g. births, deaths and immigration) for Kuwaiti citizens and residents. The information collected is held in a central national database and is used as a basis to provide a number of applications known collectively as the Civil Information System (CIS).


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