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Physical and digital access control in one central identity and access management solution

What is Nexus PRIME?

Nexus PRIME enables you to automate complex security processes for physical access, digital access and credential management. It also reduces operational costs by providing comprehensive self-service functionalities

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Did you know that RFID and PKI cards can be managed from one and centralized solution?

Nexus PRIME is a simple out-of-the-box solution that enables us to provide “Best Practice” for typical IAM problems as standard applications.

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Modern Identity Provisioning & Physical Access Management

Manage digital identities smoothly and securely

Managing workforce identities and granting physical access to sites and buildings as well as digital access to computers and applications is quite a complex challenge for any organization. These include business process capabilities for the production and lifecycle management of ID cards and other types of credentials (i.e. identity cards) with support for card production, workflows (processing chains), batch processing, reporting and more.

Centralized Management

Nexus PRIME can host multiple client organizations in the same instance of the platform, with clean separation of policies, and issuance and maintenance processes, and with separate groups of policy administrators. This feature is ideal for service providers and large organizations, with a need to handle, for example, different national data protection requirements.

SmartCard Management & Workflows

Active Directory Synchronization

Capture and Create

Production & Personalization

Activation, Updates & Revokation

Expiration & Decommissioning

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