Flexible multitenant public key infrastructure (PKI) platform

The combination of secure innovation with flexibility and multitenancy that manages the full life cycle of electronic identities for consumers, citizens, employees, mobile services and for internet of things (IoT).

Nexus Certificate Manager operates in nearly all formats
and for any application across networks and systems.

Nexus Certificate Manager

Public Key Infrastructure provides a highly scalable security infrastructure for sale identification, authentication, confidentiality and data integrity.

Nexus Certificate Manager implements a fully-fledged, flexible and highly secure CA platform and remains the industry’s most effective tool for PKI deployment. It provides a scalable, multi-tenant-capable, high-security platform for issuing, managing and validating all sorts of PKI-based electronic identities. An electronic identity is usually a certificate that can be stored on smart cards, USB crypto-tokens, in software tokens, or can be delivered in PKCS#10 procedure for workstations, server, router, VPN gateways, network components and the IoT.

Apart from creating and managing CAs and certificates, Nexus CM uniquely offers support for producing both software-based and physical tokens as a principal part of the CA platform.

Nexus CM can be adapted to all security policies, certificate formats, data sources and directories. The built-in key management, card management and PIN printing functions enable its use as a cost-efficient single-platform PKI card and identity management solution.

As of today, Nexus CM hosts about certificates in about 100 large PKI deployments.


Global and national mobile operators are adjusting their business models to meet the needs of the Internet generation.

Mobile users are accustomed to having broadband access wherever they are, using their smartphones to browse the internet, connect to social networks, send and receive e-mails, publish photos and films, and stream various online services.

LTE and 5G networks are becoming a public infrastructure as critical as other infrastructures like railways, aviation or energy transport.

The data transported over mobile networks is also increasingly sensitive and valuable. Therefore, it is vital to protect LTE/5G networks’ elements from both remote cyber-attacks and physical tampering.

Only a highly scalable PKI can do the job.


The IoT is booming, we have more than 20 billion connected devices worldwide. Whether the purpose is to remotely control smart home devices, to manage communication between cars, or to monitor the street lights of a city, security cannot be overlooked.

Many industries need easy to implement security technology that is seamless in use, flexible for various use cases, cost-effective and scalable for future scenarios.

A public-key infrastructure (PKI) is a solution that prevents cyber attacks against IoT applications and enables full security. It helps you to protect all types of smart devices and secure their communication. We support you in protecting the communication between things.

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