eIDAS-compliant Local Sealing & Remote Signing

The ability to offer an end-to-end digital service reduces costs, increases security and offers greater confidence in transactions. The centralised architecture reduces complexity and makes the integration with already existing business processes and applications easy.

Certificate Management

Centralised and proactive certificate lifecycle management for automated issuance, renewal and revocation of certificates from different sources, such as Microsoft AD CS, certificate files, SSL certificates from all platforms, and local machine certificate stores.

Identity Provisioning & Access Management

Corporate identities are usually bound to smart ID cards. Proper management of these requires one central identity and security system which can easily be integrated into existing HR systems, corporate directories, and physical and digital access systems.

Secure E-mail Communications

When it comes to e-mail, currently the most common form of communication in the business world, strong protection of your business and the need to meet compliance requirements can be achieved now both quickly and comprehensively.