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New digital portal streamlines banking client onboarding while addressing AML, eIDAS and PSD2 requirements

In an effort to facilitate digital transformation, reduce operational costs and accelerate customer onboarding, numerous banks and financial institutions consider setting up a fully digital client onboarding solution with a Remote and Qualified eSignature service at the end of the onboarding process. Most organisations opt for remote onboarding and utilise the numerous service providers that emerged in the last decade.

A large portion of the clientele will, however, always opt for a physical onboarding where the customer advisor interacts with the client in-person. That said, the onboarding process needs to be transformed to allow for increased efficiency, improved compliance demonstration and to enhance the digital banking business.

Together with Cryptomathic, we have developed a digital onboarding portal for the financial sector, in combination with a smartphone app that:

  • Allows clients to be digitally onboarded in compliance with AML and eIDAS requirements.

  • Enables documents to be digitally signed with a QES in the same onboarding stream.

  • Provides clients, at the end of the onboarding process, with a persistent strong login solution in compliance with PSD2 SCA requirements.

In short, the solution aims to:

  • Offer end users a smooth and seamless experience. The end user can be onboarded and sign documents in a few minutes under the control of a bank advisor using custom branded apps.

  • Help reduce operational costs without breaking privacy, since all client data and documents remain in the environment of the bank.

  • Deliver QES and non-repudiation to your businesses, since it meets strict EU regulations on qualified electronic signatures and other regulatory constraints such as PSD2.

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