2020 started with new business cooperation
in the world of Trusted Services

ESYSCO and OBSERWATORIUM are proud to announce new collaboration that focuses on joint development of eIDAS compliant and qualified services and supporting customers in digital transformation across Europe.

The joint partnership is a combination of ESYSCO’s technical expertise and world-leading, innovative, secure solutions with OBSERWATORIUM’s long-term experience and extensive knowledge in implementing digital strategies.

Together we share a vast knowledge about digital transformation and support companies and organizations in the journey of technological changes with the focus on such areas as eIDAS Electronic Signatures, E-Administration, PKI, IoT as well as Identity and Access Management.


We are an independent Polish consulting firm that specializes in developing and implementing digital strategies for enterprises, with financial and government entities as our primary focus.

We support our clients at the different stages of strategic development: assessment of the internal situation and market environment, assistance in defining new goals and products with consideration to social and business trends – especially those spurred by technological changes. We provide implementation and deployment support to IT providers and other entities.

We engage in a variety of educational efforts, including training and conferences, aimed at educating the market about digital transformation, its consequences, and the conditions for an optimal implementation in a given business.

Visit Website: www.obserwatorium.biz