Managing of identities, cards, credentials and related processes
With Nexus PRIME, creation of versatile and multifunctional credentials and high quality ID cards and tokens have never been easier. They can be used for physical access to buildings as well as for authentication to computers and server applications.
Nexus PRIME offers great flexibility in designing the processes and workflows involved in the production and lifecycle management of identities, credentials, and credential carriers (cards, tokens). The cards are integrated with a heterogeneous environment of data sources, policies, and access control systems. The identity and card history facilitates audits and can be used to generate intelligent reports and statistics.

Nexus PRIME offers standard configurations for typical IAM requirements, such as managing cards and credentials or certificates. The system provides countless options to cover the requirements of physical and digital technologies in one converged solution.

Nexus PRIME is easy to use,
extremely flexible and
efficient as a result.

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Key facts

  • PKI Card Management

  • Virtual Smart Cards

  • USSP – User Self-Service Portal

  • Seamless integration with BPMN engine and form designer

  • Support of printer integrated encoding

  • ID card printing via a standard Windows printer driver


  • Management of all identities and credentials across their entire lifecycle

  • One platform for several possible IAM applications

  • Standard IAM applications for out-of-box deployment

  • Configurable workflows, data model and web forms

  • Built-in mechanisms for the production and management of RFID and PKI credentials of all major vendors

  • Improved productivity and cost-effectiveness due to automation


  • Out-of-box support for market-relevant RFID and PKI cards, access control systems and “best-practice” processes

  • Seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure

  • Integrates into existing IT infrastructure

  • Scalable architecture, service-enabled via multi-tenancy

  • Combined processes for physical and digital access management

  • High flexibility in the definition of the use cases

Central, workflow-based identity and access management

Many enterprises provide employees with common access cards, which grant physical access to sites and buildings, and digital access to computers and applications. Credentials are often created and managed in multiple systems – creating confusion and high costs, and jeopardizing enterprise security.
By providing a central system, Nexus PRIME enforces uniform policies in the management of identities, credentials, and entitlements,
and provides global information on who is in possession of which credentials and entitlements at any time.

Virtual SmartCards

Virtual SmartCards use PKI-based identities in a secure environment on laptops, to let users get rid of passwords and use strong authentication, signing and encryption in a smooth way. They work as physical smart cards, but without the need to issue and manage plastic cards or other hardware tokens.With a VSC, you get an intuitive and user-friendly two-factor authentication method. They are also an economical choice, since they take advantage of existing technology available on many laptops, which means that you do not have to issue and manage hardware tokens, smart cards or smart card readers.

Solution overview Nexus Virtual SmartCard

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