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Współpracujemy z wiodącymi w Europie dostawcami technologii, firmami konsultingowymi oraz integratorami systemów.

Ścisła współpraca z ekspertami w branży pozwala nam na wspólną wymianę wiedzy i doświadczeń, nawiązywanie nowych kontaktów biznesowych, budowanie długotrwałych relacji z klientami oraz oferowanie najbardziej innowacyjnych rozwiązań technologicznych.


OBSERWATORIUM is an independent Polish consulting firm that specialises in developing and implementing digital strategies for enterprises, with financial and government entities as a primary focus.

It supports clients at the different stages of strategic development: assessment of the internal situation and market environment, assistance in defining new goals and products with consideration to social and business trends – especially those spurred by technological changes. Obserwatorium provides implementation and deployment support to IT providers and other entities.

The company engages in a variety of educational efforts, including training and conferences, aimed at educating the market about digital transformation, its consequences, and the conditions for an optimal implementation in a given business.


IT PRO Consulting and Training was founded in 2014. It mainly deals with training and implementation in the field of Microsoft technology, including solutions related to the security of ICT infrastructure.

The team of experts has many years of experience in consulting and design services in the field of design, auditing, implementation, migration and maintenance of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) mainly based on the Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services role for public sector companies (Town Halls), as well as for private companies; including pharmaceutical, chemical, retail and insurance sectors.


Seqred is a cybersecurity services provider with a focus on IoT and ICS domains. The company is specialised in auditing, testing, and implementing security solutions.

We believe that we can win the fight against cyberthreats. All it takes is to consciously and skillfully use the existing protections by combining them into comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the product and the user.


BeOne is a team of experts who work at implementation of electronic workflow solutions, documents, complex support for archiving systems.

We are a market leader in Alfresco implementations in this part of Europe. We set up small, medium and large environments, also for millions of documents, configure HA high availability environments, implement Alfresco on various databases, launch a document repository and Workflow business processes. As part of the cooperation, we also provide maintenance of Alfresco systems based on SLA, we develop implemented systems, we train developers on the client’s side.


BSB is a producer and integrator of IT solutions that support institutions from the banking, insurance, financial and public sectors. The company’s activity is focused on the production of specialized IT systems for these sectors, especially in the field of interbank settlements, reporting and fraud.


Being a leader in IT security in Poland, we offer specialized products and services, enabling the effective use of our products: QR-CERT PKI & Card Management software, custom software development, IT systems architecture designs, application & system integration. To all our Customers we offer a full range of services assisting in the implementation and management of information security, such as: advisory and consulting, business analysis, Project Management, help and support.